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Hello welcome to my world

My name is Matthias and I have studied communication design in Mannheim, Germany. Everything in my life is about photography - I love taking pictures, especially portraits. I work with both, analogue and digital photography, whereas analogue black and white pictures are my favourite due to their unique and special look. Additionally, to have a better control of the process, I develop the pictures by myself.


Project swanlake isn't about taking nice pictures of ballerinas, it's more about showing the aesthetics of the human body. On one hand side it is very hard and you have to be strong, but on the other hand side it is elegant and very feminine to be one. You can see a ballerina as an arrogant, unfair and snobbish person but also as a very focused and hard working person who has to overcome temptations.

What is beauty? that's the question

Beauty isn't an universal term or an mensurable parametet. For every person beuty is something different, but the projekt is about a feeling and the idea of beauty, which is in the smallest detail or in an imperfection. So I guess it's about discovering things and finding a lot of beautyfull things out there.


Advertisement is a big part of being a photographer: to tell a story with only one picture or to focus on the essence of the product/service is a fascinating challenge. As a designer I cannot only support you by taking pictures but also by creating your flyers, your website or business cards.

Analog is still alive

To take picutres on an film and develop them is more than an crazy idea of people who miss old times, analog pictures are special and different to digital taken pictures.The old techniques are so intressing and the outcome is unique.For examble an picture taken on an 4x5 inch sheet film or working with an old Hasselblad 500c. So if you want an unique present or picture of yourself here is the right adress. Or even if you like to lern how analog photographie is working.

Wet Plate

One of the oldest techniques to take images is Wetplate Photography. It's a complete different type of taking images, everything is made by hand, the plates must be ready in ten to fiveteen minutes before it is dry. It's amazing what can be done with silver and light. The images are not comparable to images taken with a DSLR, they are unique. It is incredible to hold such a glass plate in your hands.

Animal Photographie

Our pets have always been very good models when I took photos of them. Every time I have tried something new or I have shot test films I took pictures of our cats and dogs. You have the patient when working with animals, but the results are always worth the work.